Concrete Lawn Ornaments and Garden Decor

Having a home sweet home is a dream for every person. Once that becomes a reality how to beautify it becomes a worry. With all different choices accessible in the market the problem becomes graver. Apartment system is more well-known today in cities, but single home with a charming lawn and garden is forever welcome. Picking the planting, plants, pruning, watering and fertilizing them, as times it becomes a nightmare to look after these. It is not only plants that can be used to decorate the landscape there are different other choices to pick depending on the area accessible. Little artificial pound and fountain are a best choice.

Garden and lawn decoration includes to the beauty of the home. For some it is a best pass time and hobby to take of the garden, but for others it is a headache. To support them there are people and agencies to make your garden and lawn a best place according to the preference and taste. There are many choices accessible in the market like fountain, statues, lawn ornaments and pond, etc and even a theme could be set that can be replaced from time to time.

Concrete garden ornaments are a remarkable choice accessible for garden decoration. They include bird baths, pots, urns, sculptures and stepping stones, etc. This can even be homemade and it would be a best fun to make things with your own hands to decorate your lawn. It is lot more, affordable than buying. Moulds of different shape, size and design made of aluminum, latex or plastic are accessible in them market that can be made use of.

To make the concrete mix of the garden ornaments, light gravel, cement, water and sand needs to be combined in a ratio to make a particular ornament. Once the mix is ready, it should be poured into the mould. Ensure no air bubbles are formed. Keep it for setting for at least twenty-four hours and highest 3 days to rightly dry. When it is dry you can color it or include other accessories to beauty it.

Concrete garden ornaments are largely statues. Religious statues are generally used to decorate both outdoor as well as indoor. Statues of Mary, Jesus, Angels, Joseph, etc are all the time favorite. Animal statues like dog, bird, deer, camel, fish, squirrel, duck, frog, elephant, alligator, etc. Statues of Dragon, Pagodas, Buddha, Gargoyles, Dragon, etc are also famous found. Bird baths of concrete apart from providing birds with refreshing water are also used for garden decoration objective is accessible in different designs.